Monday, 6 January 2014

waterlogged england

Currently, where I live in England is flooded to a ridiculous extent! I have never seen so much rain, and it's still raining! I love rain, but it's becoming quite scary with more serious flood warning released by the Met Office. 
I decided to go and visit Studland beach in Dorset which is owned by the National Trust at the weekend. 
Studland is a beautiful beach full of important sand dunes that are being monitored annually to analyse changes to shoreline erosion. I was able to help with the introduction of new ropes and wooden poles that surround the dunes to protect them from trampling in 2012 as part of conservation work.
This is a very wide beach, however visiting on Sunday the tide was so high on the beach it was nearly completly covered in water.

I am definatly looking forward to Spring and for the rain clouds to finally part! 


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