Wednesday, 15 April 2015

what nature does for Britain book launch

About a month ago I was lucky enough to attend the book launch of Tony Juniper's new book "What Nature Does For Britain". This book launch was hosted at Portcullis House which was amazing to visit! A massive thank you to Lucy McRobert and AFON (A Focus On Nature) for being able to attend this event. Below are a few pictures from the launch and of me getting my book signed by the man himself!

 All the books waiting to be signed! © Chris Woods and The Wildlife Trusts

Pre-launch photo!  © Chris Woods and The Wildlife Trusts

Megan Shersby and I.  © Chris Woods and The Wildlife Trusts

Tony Juniper's introduction to his book!  © Chris Woods and The Wildlife Trusts

Getting my book signed! © Chris Woods and The Wildlife Trusts

wildlife moment of the month #3

It's a beautiful sunny day today on the south coast of England, and this sunshine has also brought lots of butterflies! Today I have seen many brimstones, peacocks and red admirals; but I was very surprised to see my first blue of the season! This lovely holly blue has been fluttering around my garden all afternoon and it is so wonderful to see! Holly blue butterflies are one of my favourite butterflies, coming just behind the scarce silver-studded blue. The holly blue can be seen throughout England but is most common in the south. This little butterfly has a wingspan of just 35mm but it really is beautiful! I can't wait to see even more blue's on the wing!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Friday, 6 March 2015

a trip to yarner wood

Last weekend I went away to Devon for a few days and visited one of my favourite spots - Yarner Wood. Yarner Wood is a NNR and is managed beautifully by Natural England. Yarner Wood covers 150 hectares and is one of the best remaining ancient upland oak woodlands in Devon. With over 100 lichen species recorded here and with regionally important population of wood warbler, lesser-spotted woodpecker and pied flycatcher it has been somewhere that I love to visit! Even though I did not catch any of these birds on my trip; I did get close up views of long - tailed tits (my favourite!). As well as this I got to see a marsh tit for the first time which was very exciting! The Yarner Valley Hide is definitely one of my favourite hides ever. It was also lovely to see the mandarin ducks that are living on the pond there. Here are a few photos from my trip to Yarner Wood - it is well worth a visit!

Monday, 16 February 2015

wildlife moment of the month #2

A lovely spring walk this afternoon meant I encountered the countryside waking up in the form of one of my favourite flowers - the snowdrop!
These delicate white flowers covering the countryside are a beautiful sight and are very welcome on a cold winters day! The sight of these wonderful flowers awakening are my wildlife moment of February!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

snowy arne

Snowy scenes at the wonderfully beautiful RSPB Arne! An early morning walk around Arne in the snow was beautiful with long-tailed tits bounding through the trees with the sound of robins, great tits, goldcrests and blue tits filling the air with birdsong. Out from Shipstal hide black-tailed godwits, dunlins, spoonbills and little egrets were paddling in the icy water. The snow melted quickly but it was beautiful whilst it lasted! 



 Fresh mole-hills in the snow!
 A flock of goldfinches in the cover crop!

 Fresh sika deer trails!


lulworth microadventure

Lulworth cove is one of my favourite places in Dorset. I love going on microadventures so I went exploring Lulworth last week, here are some photos!