Wednesday, 8 January 2014

eden project fun

Over the past few months I have been able to visit the lovely Eden Project in Cornwall twice! I love the Eden Project, set up as an educational charity it aims to educate people of all ages about the fantastic biodiversity that exists on this planet as well as completing amazing research into plants and conservation through their unique biodomes! 

From my latest trip I wanted to write about some of the incredibly rare plants and trees that they are growing there that have some amazing properties. 

Below shows the Rose Perwinkle, this incredible plant is known for its ability to cure leukemia because of its two potent anti-cancer alkaloids, vincristine & vinblastine. It seems incredible to me, that such a beautiful flower could have such impressive qualities. It also makes you question how many unknown species could have similar disease fighting properties.

The Bottle Palm was an extremely unusual looking tree! Currently on the IUCN red list, the fact that it grows on only one tiny island on Earth, identifies the vulnerability and precious nature of many relatively unknown species.

Below shows my sister taking in all the sights in the Rainforest Biodome. 

This little plaque has such an important message! 

Another plant that fascinates me is the African-quinne, this plant is amazing with painkilling, anti-inflammatory and fever reducing properties. It also acts as a prophylactic against Malaria. Incredible!!

A newish feature in the Rainforest Biodome is a walkway up to the top of the Biodome! Heights aren't usually a problem for me but I definatly began to feel very funny at the top of here as it swayed! 

This wonderful table explanation explained all about the lives of plants! Such a beautiful way to explain something so interesting! 

The Mediterranean Biodome is now really full of life. I visited the Eden Project a good few years ago and this Biodome was pretty bare! Lovely to see it full of life. Although I was not sure about having a pizza restaurant in the Biodome?! 

Butchers Broom also has amazing properties that can enhance blood flow to the hands, legs and even the brain! 

The Eden Project is definatly a beautiful place to visit! There is so much to see there that you definatly can't do it all in one visit. Hopefully I'll be back soon! 


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