Monday, 20 October 2014

wildlife moment of the month

My new goal for paddling in puddles is to blog regularly about my favourite wildlife moments! This week for the first time ever, I caught a gimpse of a pygmy shrew! The pygmy shew Sorex minutus is a small mammal that weighs between just 2.4 - 6.1g, these tiny mammals must eat 125% of their body weight daily! Therefore consuming regular meals of woodlice, insects and arachnids. They are widespread across Britain and Ireland and are found in grassland, heath land and in hedgerows. These little mammals are active throughout night and day.
It was a real treat to see a pygmy shrew, and as with many species across the globe, they are in decline; although exact figures are unknown. They do not currently hold any special protection.
For more information about the pygmy shrew provided by The Mammal Society, please click here.

Here are a couple of my photos from my sighting of the tiny pygmy shrew.

See you soon! 

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